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(Fabah x Roufina) 
April 30,1974 - June 27, 2000 

Any time we went to Colorado, we made the journey north to Cheyenne Wyoming to see this wonderful Babson stallion.  He was a beautiful, gentle and athletic stallion as well as the pride and joy of owners Ellie Prince and Dorothy Feldman.  

We had always wanted to breed one of our Babson mares to him but our breeding season was over before their snow melted so it was not to be.  We later purchased his only SBE daughter, Charabs Sharifa. - DMJ

Dorothy Feldman,  Kamars Sharif and Eleanor Prince    

From Ellie Prince - 

"Dorothy saw Kamars Sharif at Waseem Arabians in Texas and we purchased him as a four year old. He has a classic pedigree and classic conformation, as close to dear old Fasaab as it is possible to get, with the same people-loving attributes. I trained him in Dressage and to western saddle and some of my students even ride him in my group classes. He is responsive and sensitive and can be ridden bareback with only a rope around his neck. His foals are exceptional in conformation and disposition and he is very well-behaved while breeding mares."

Greener Pastures From Khamsat - Volume 17 # 4, page 21

KAMARS SHARIF (Fabah x Roufina)   4-30-1974 - 6-27-2000  


Kamars Sharif was a rare gem of a stallion, bred at Babson Farms in Illinois and was a true black of straight Egyptian, Blue List, Al Khamsa breeding

Kamars Sharif was not only an excellent breeding stallion, but also an important part of the team at Sodergreen. He demonstrated his versatility with free longing, driving, and Dressage movements under saddle as well as helping students in a class situation. He was also an all-round ranch horse. 'Sharif' had a people-loving disposition, quiet friendly temperament and was down right fun to own and ride. His veterinarian called him a "true gentleman."

In spite of the fact that Sodergreen is in an isolated location, 'Sharif' sired 35 foals in the first generation, with 115 second generation offspring. Two of his daughters were exported to France. Some of the notable horses are SG Black Amir, SG Ruann Knight, Al Sihr Shakhor, SG Night Star, SG Black Falcon, SG Star Flyte, Naaja Black Lady, Ru Fadl Esswad, SG Black Knight, and SG Sharifs Ebony. At Sodergreen we have his '97 son, SG Sharifs Flag, #8280768, (x DHAR Aziza) and his '98 filly, SG Black Sharruah #552053 (x SG Ruanna) to continue our program. Our mare SG Ruanna is still with us.

Kamars Sharif was owned and dearly loved by Eleanor Prince and Dorothy Feldman. Although our breeding operation was small, it was very effective and shows how a carefully selected stallion can leave a legacy far beyond expectations.

Eleanor Prince and Dorothy Feldman of Wyoming announced that their beloved black Babson stallion Kamars Sharif died at the age of 26 on June 27, 2000

Kamars Sharif had been the cornerstone of Sodergreen Farms as a sire, in competition and in a training role. Kamar Sharif sired 35 foals including two daughters that were exported to France.

His son, SG Sharifs Flag, will continue the legacy at Sodergreen.  


 More on "Sharif" -  DMJ

Most of his 35 foals (from 1977 to 1998) are Al Khamsa.  Due to the scarcity of Babson mares near his area, he sired only two Straight Babson foals, Ru Fadl Esswad (X Ru Bonni Sabbah, foaled in 1982) and Charabs Sharifa ( X Charabs Amurra, foaled in 1996).  


There have been some changes in the SBE population tracing to Kamars Sharif.  Going into 2008 only 3 SBE, all mares, carried the blood of this black dressage stallion.  They were Zaaroulette, a 1996 granddaughter (Ru Fadl Esswad x Serazarah, ), Charabs Sharifa (the 1996 daughter), and Khebirs Akelah, a 2007 granddaughter (Bedu Sabir x Charabs Sharifa).  

As 2008 ended there were some big changes.  Before the end of summer Zaaroulette was tragically lost in colic surgery with no replacement foals and Charabs Sharifa was lost to bone cancer.  Only the yearling filly Khebirs Akelah remained to represent the Kamar Sharif line.  


Then in the fall of 2008 27 year old Ru Fadl Esswad was found still living in Oregon!!  He had been removed from the Babson roster when we had been told that he was no longer living.  He came here to Bint Al Bahr, found to be very fertile and began settling SBE mares.  His first SBE foal, a filly Ru Fa Andalay was born in October of 2009 followed by spring 2010 SBE births of Fay El Esswad,  Bint Saafada and Kamah Sharif.  The Kamar Sharif line was replaced by 4 SBE grand foals! 

May this bloodline "Live Long and Prosper!"


Kamars Sharif did not have the prolific stallion Ibn Fa-Serr in his pedigree.  He is a full brother to Aroufina, Roulena and Bah Rouf.  Full sister and brother, Mah Fina and Faydin (Mahrouf x Roufina), were his 3/4 siblings.  

We saw his dam Roufina, as an aged mare, in Arkansas at the farm of Carol Schultz.  She was a sweet and beautiful mare.  Roufina is a treasured element in several of our other horse's pedigrees.

Sharif's home, Sodergreen, was in the summer time Sodergreen Horsemanship School where students would come for several weeks to further their skills.  Students often took their lessons on Sharif as his kind willing disposition and forgiving nature made him a favorite mount.  You are likely to see their ads in 1970s and 1980s Western Horseman magazines.

Kamars Sharif -   1995  Diana Johnson photos at 21 yrs.


Kamars Sharif was used as a bridleless demonstration horse during a 1985 Rocky Mountain meeting of the North American Trail Ride Conference.  

He was ridden by Carolyn Rowe and used in presenting demonstrations of longeing, rider exercises, basic ring movements, dressage movements and the use of aids without a saddle or bridle.


Sodergreen was once part of the ranch where Mary O'Hara wrote My Friend Flicka. 

Landmarks from the book are real!  Imagine looking at shining mares grazing on a hillside and being told "Just over that ridge is the valley were The Albino and his herd lived!"  It was a magical experience not to be missed!  

Thank You Dorothy and Ellie!  - DMJ

Saddleback Mountain





The Brides of Kamars Sharif 

Another view of Saddleback Mountain


Kamars Sharif #112144
Black  04/30/1974
Fabah #6264
Bay   05/09/1950
*Fadl #897  Grey 06/17/1930 Ibn Rabdan RAS #86  Ch.  05/17/1917
Mahroussa   Egypt #115  Grey 1920
*Bint Bint Sabbah  #894 Bay  5/19/1930 Bayiad  - RAS #94   Grey   01/23/1918
Bint Sabah - RAS #135  Bay  03/24/1925
Roufina #31958
Black  04/07/1965
Fa-Serr #4482 Black 7/10/1947 *Fadl #897  Grey 06/17/1930
Bint Serra I  #897  Bay 03/03/1923
Aaroufa #7892 Grey  05/16/1952 Fay-el-Dine #1170  Grey 05/01/1934
*Maaroufa #895  Grey 09/07/1931

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