Presentation Halters


Handmade Presentation Halters



Strong colorful halters to show off your horses 

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Ibn Mahrouf (Mahrouf x Serr Abba)  1977 Straight Babson Egyptian stallion.  See Babson Family section of       This is a handmade Arabian horse halter with native desert look.  It is made from one piece of strong and durable but soft diamond braid cord with solid brass rings at noseband.  It comes with a brass plated showchain.  Golden metal filigree ferrules decorate the cheeks and noseband.  A decorative button and tassel at the brow level calls attention to your horse's eyes.



Each halter can fit many horses adjustable from an easy  crown knot.  It is designed to fit a 2 year old (or possibly a large yearling) to a full size Arabian horse. The throatlatch ties  under the jaw with graceful tassels on the ends.The halter is also stitched for strength and durability. 


Abbas Ibn Lothar modeling a Peacock Blue halter.  He is a 1997 straight Babson stallion owned by Bruce and Diana Johnson of Bint Al Bahr Arabians

The leadrope is of  diamond braid rope with a brass snap and a  knotted end.  Great for taking photographs of your horses or for presenting them to farm visitors. 

The halters are now currently available in Peacock Blue as modeled to the left.  This is one of the colors that is great on any color horse. 

These colorful halters are hand washable.  The halters and leadropes  have been stitched and wrapped for strength and durability.  The gold colored metal ferrules are securely fastened to the cord and lacquered for maximum shine.  Brow ornaments may vary. 

Rabdans Serraniza  (Midbar Fa Rabdan x Almoraima Ceniza) See Mares section of

yearling wearing the halter


Allow about 6 weeks for construction and delivery

Ask about halters that may be ready for immediate shipment.

The price is $95 including the halter, the leadrope and the showchain.
Shipping and handling within the United States is $6.00
I have been making and using these halters for many years.  A friend has been using one of these halters to show one of his young stallions.  The colored halter really helps his lovely horse stand out in a sea of bays.

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